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Love YA Like Crazy

Welcome to Love YA Like Crazy, where Carrie and Jake rant about young adult books. Beware, there are lots of spoilers and often lots of swearing!

Jun 9, 2016

For this special bonus episode, Carrie and Jake are joined by Carrie's friend Sara to discuss the severely mediocre 2014 young adult movie 'Vampire Academy'.

Carrie's cat Shooby also has a brief cameo, in which he graphically expresses his opinion of the movie.

We talk about human cafetoriums, Carrie records an ASMR...

Jun 2, 2016

For this episode, Carrie and Jake discuss 'Grasshopper Jungle', Andrew Smith's 2015 novel about the end of the world and the incredibly horny teenagers that help bring it about.

Also in this episode, we are attacked by cats, reveal our shameful Kurt Vonnegut-related secrets to each other, and talk about how awesome it...