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Love YA Like Crazy

Welcome to Love YA Like Crazy, where Carrie and Jake rant about young adult books. Beware, there are lots of spoilers and often lots of swearing!

Jul 17, 2019

Welcome to Love YA Like Crazy! You're listening to a special episode recorded by one of the two hosts, Jacob Haller, while he was at PodX in Nashville.

For this episode, Jake talked to Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy of 'Oh No Ross and Carrie' about some books that were important to them when they were young.

Note that the discussion includes spoilers for Louise Fitzhugh's 'Harriet the Spy' and its sequel 'The Long Secret', and 'Maniac Magee' by Jerry Spinelli.

This discussion was recorded on Jake's phone in a semi-secluded corner by an elevator at PodX, and we apologize for the resulting sound quality.

Thanks to Shaenon K. Garrity for designing the Love YA Like Crazy icon, to the Sentimental Favorites for the use of their song 'Hey There', and to Charlie McCarron for the 'Love YA Like Crazy' tag.

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