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Love YA Like Crazy

Welcome to Love YA Like Crazy, where Carrie and Jake rant about young adult books. Beware, there are lots of spoilers and often lots of swearing!

Feb 28, 2016

For this episode, Carrie and Jake discuss The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman.

In the course of this episode, we talk about Douchebag Bear, how to get tenured faculty to tell you stuff, and what it was like to work for an Internet startup in the 90s. Also Jake won't shut up about Hannibal for some reason. Plus we answer email from a listener -- get in touch if you want us to read your own message on air!

Spoilers abound, so, if that is a concern to you, we recommend reading the book before listening.

In the next episode, we'll be discussing citizenchip by Wil Howitt, which is available as an ebook from Amazon.

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