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Love YA Like Crazy

Welcome to Love YA Like Crazy, where Carrie and Jake rant about young adult books. Beware, there are lots of spoilers and often lots of swearing!

May 12, 2015

For this episode, Carrie and Jake are very excited to be joined by their friend Kerri to discuss Neal Shusterman's 2009 novel 'Unwind', which you should be able to get in whatever format you desire from your preferred book merchant!

Spoilers abound, so we recommend reading the book before listening! We discuss Happy Jack's Harvest Camp, hiveminds, clappers, Google Earth, and everyone's favorite character, Shark Tattoo McGee. Also, this might be our sweariest episode to date!

In the next episode, we'll be discussing 'Ready Player One' by Ernest Cline, which you can get in the usual places.

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Thanks to Shaenon K. Garrity for designing the Love YA Like Crazy icon, to the Sentimental Favorites for the use of their song 'Hey There', and to Charlie McCarron (of the excellent Composer Quest podcast) for unexpectedly composing the jingle found at the end of this episode.

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